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Latest Colombia lottery results for BALOTO ✔, EL DORADO ✔, LOTERIA DEL VALLE ✔. Find all the information you need about lotteries in Colombia. Check your ticket or search past draws if you won the jackpot.

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Colombia Lottery Games

Lotteries are widely played in Colombia, with a variety of games being run by organizations in each “Department”, plus a number of nationally run games. Note that although many “Department” games are available across the country, players who win games held in other regions may have to pay extra taxes on their prizes.

Several different operators run lottery games in Colombia, including IGT Juegos S.A.S, Pagatodo and Beneficia del Valle.

Due to the schedule of Colombian lottery games, lucky players can win prizes every day!


Launched in 2001, Baloto is Colombia’s main national lottery game. Although Baloto is billed as an online-only lottery, it is also possible to buy tickets from Baloto Points across the country. In addition to the main draw, Baloto players can enter the secondary Revancha (revenge) game, which has a lucrative minimum jackpot of COP 1 billion.

Baloto draws take place on Wednesdays and Fridays at 23:00 local time.

El Dorado

El Dorado is a raffle game with relatively short odds of winning, including 14 separate chances to participate throughout the week. While El Dorado prizes depend on the volume of ticket sales, special draws held throughout the year offer alternatives to cash prizes, such as the chance to win a new car!

El Dorado draws are held twice daily from Monday to Friday, three times on Saturday and once on Sunday.

Loteria del Valle

Loteria del Valle is a popular raffle game, with the winner guaranteed to take home the fixed jackpot of COP 3.5 billion due to its format. Special draws held throughout the year increase the jackpot pool to COP 5 billion, and although the game is run for the benefit of good causes in the Colombia Pacific region, players across all of Colombia can join in!

Loteria del Valle draws take place every Wednesday evening at 22:30 local time.

Colombia Lottery Game Schedule

The below table provides an overview of the schedule for each Colombian lottery game.

Baloto     23:00   23:00    
El Dorado 11:00
Loteria del Valle     22:30        

Colombia Lottery Odds and Jackpots

Lottery Game Winning Odds Minimum Jackpot
Baloto 1 in 15,401,568 COP 4 billion
El Dorado 1 in 10,000 Depends on ticket sales
Loteria del Valle Depends on ticket sales COP 3.5 billion

What are the Biggest Colombian Lottery Wins?

All of Colombia’s biggest lottery wins have so far come from Baloto, with the biggest payouts listed as follows:

  • COP 117 billion on September 22, 2012.
  • COP 74 billion on August 24, 2011.
  • COP 63 billion on September 21, 2016.

Is Tax Paid on Colombian Lottery Winnings?

Players pay 17% tax on prizes above a certain threshold, meaning that the top three Baloto prize tiers and the Loteria del Valle jackpot are indeed subject to tax. Players who win El Dorado prizes do not need to pay tax on their winnings.

Players outside of the Colombia Pacific region must pay an additional 10% tax on Loteria del Valle prizes, irrespective of the amount won.

Mobile Apps for Colombia Lotteries

Lottery Operator Lottery Game Mobile Website Mobile App Buy Ticket iTunes Google Play
IGT Juegos S.A.S Baloto Yes No Yes N/A N/A
Pagatodo El Dorado Yes No No N/A N/A
Beneficia del Valle Loteria del Valle Yes No Yes N/A N/A

How to Contact Colombia Lottery Operators

Contact information for each Colombiaan lottery operator is listed below.

Operator Lottery Game Official Website Main Address Local Tel. No.
IGT Juegos S.A.S Baloto Carrera 45,
108 A 50 P 5,
01 8000 956 886
Pagatodo El Dorado Arrecife Business Center,
Av Cll 26
69 D 91 P 7,
378 8890
Beneficia del Valle Loteria del Valle Beneficencia del Valle del Cauca Building,
Calle 9,
No. 4-50
Floor 9 to 12,

01 8000 517 766

How Can I Purchase Lottery Tickets in Colombia?

Baloto is played exclusively online, although players can also acquire tickets from digital Baloto points across Colombia, as well as from the official website.

Loteria del Valle tickets are available from authorized participating outlets across Colombia, in addition to the Beneficencia del Valle website.

El Dorado tickets are not available online but can be purchased from authorized retailers across the country.

Can Overseas Players Play Colombian Lottery Games?

At present, only Baloto is available to overseas players, via lottery agent websites.

How Old Must I Be to Play Colombian Lotteries?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Colombian lotteries.

How Do I Claim Colombian Lottery Prizes?

Due to Baloto being an online lottery, prizes are paid directly into player accounts, which can then be withdrawn into respective bank accounts. Players who play Baloto from overseas will be paid by their chosen lottery agent.

Players who win El Dorado prizes have up to one year to claim prizes, while Loteria del Valle prizes must be claimed within 30 days.

How are the Proceeds of Colombian Lotteries Spent?

All three lottery operators distribute a percentage of their proceeds to good causes, including healthcare and other public and social services. While Beneficencia del Valle predominantly distributes its proceeds locally, both Pagatodo and IGT Juegos S.A.S. do so across all of Colombia.