By Richard J | Updated on 18 Jan 2023
Which lottery game is the easiest to win? Choose the right game for you and increase the chances of winning.
By Martin Green | Updated on 08 Nov 2022
Who are the luckiest people to have won the biggest lotteries of all time? Where are these people from and what lotteries did they play? The biggest lottery winners out there, including lots of interesting statistics about them.
By Martin Green | Updated on 02 Nov 2022
Everything you need to know before you buy a Powerball ticket as a Canadian. You can buy Powerball tickets online. Read how and where.
By Richard J | Updated on 21 Sep 2022
Jogo do Bicho is a type of gambling game played in Brazil. It is technically illegal, but because of its relatively small size it is largely ignored by the authorities.
By Richard J | Updated on 09 Aug 2022
Who is the infamous Michael Carroll and why is his story a long-term disaster? What did he do wrong and why did he fail so badly after winning a fortune?
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Yes it is possible, but this depends on the lottery that you take part in, where you live and national laws. You can remain anonymous in the following US states..
By Martin Green | Updated on 15 Feb 2022
Is it possible to win the lottery and lose it all? Could winning the lottery be a negative experience? Can the world be a worse place now that you are incredibly rich?
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What happens to people who win the lottery? Is it a positive life-changing experience that makes them really happy?
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Most lotteries can be played online, but there are still a few that require the purchasing of tickets in person. There is no difference between playing a lottery online or buying a ticket in a store, and when you play online, the same lottery game is played with the same rules and prizes.
By Martin Green | Updated on 24 Jan 2022
The main thing to know about UK 49's is that you’re betting on the outcome of the 49's draw, rather than on the draw itself. This means that instead of playing for a prize pool spread across a jackpot and various prize tiers, as you would with a traditional lottery, you’re choosing specific bets at odds provided by a bookmaker.
By Martin Green | Updated on 20 Jan 2022
To play the lottery you need to choose a set of distinct numbers; for example, 5 numbers out of a possible 45. In many lotteries you also need to pick bonus numbers, usually one or two from a smaller set. To win the jackpot, all your chosen numbers need to match the drawn numbers.
By Martin Green | Updated on 15 Dec 2021
A lottery syndicate is a collection of people who play major lotteries as a larger group. They do this by pooling money together to buy multiple tickets, which significantly increases the odds of winning a prize. Any money that is won is divided between the people who paid into the syndicate.
By Martin Green | Updated on 24 Nov 2021
Free lotteries, the risks involved and where to play them. With many improved opportunities over the years, free lotteries are now less scammy than you may have once believed!