Free Lottery Guide

By Martin Green | Updated on 24 Nov 2021

Where and How To Play The Lottery For Free

Free lotteries, the risks involved and where to play them. With many improved opportunities over the years, free lotteries are now less scammy than you may have once believed!

Free lotteries are exactly that, FREE, and cost absolutely nothing to take part in. We are here to provide you with detailed information and help you find the best ways to play. Also, we aim to dispel any doubts and concerns that you may have.

Participants now have a wealth of opportunities to take part in free lotteries. Some of the best sites available are listed below in our ‘Best Free Online Lottery Sites’ section.

Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions to get started. Don’t worry; most of these sites are reputable and we have done the checking for you, so go ahead and sign up at your discretion.

Joining these sites is free and there is also no setup fee or financial risk involved. Take a look at our suggestions and make an informed decision about whether the Free Lottery is for you based on your newly acquired knowledge and valued personal commitment.

How does the free lottery work?

Free lotteries make their revenue through advertising or sponsorships, which are paid for by third parties, not by you! There is no need to pay any sign-up fees or entry charges. The corresponding prize funds and payouts are generated through advertising revenue instead of through traditional ticket sales.

Some of these sites can seem like a scam on the surface. There are definitely multiple clandestine mechanisms out there. By following our guide you should be able to avoid these pitfalls and find the most reputable free lottery opportunities available. 

Are free lotteries legit and real?

Yes, the free lotteries that we list below are most definitely real and legit.

So what are the catches and drawbacks?

You could be subject to unacceptable and excessive advertising through promotional emails and other deals. You often have to wade through multiple ads when spending time on free lottery websites. So, make sure that there is a clear option to unregister and unsubscribe whenever you wish.

The positive trade off, however, is that you could win as much as $500+ per day. It can be even tens of thousands of dollars in weekly or monthly draws, and sometimes even millions. Keep in mind that the possibility of winning free lotteries is generally low due to the very high odds in comparison to the relatively low payouts.

How to play free lotteries?

Players must register and provide a valid email address and sometimes even a proven physical address.

Tickets sometimes need to be claimed before taking part in any draws, to give companies time to verify personal details and send out promotional content, with absolutely no guarantee of winning a prize, so be wary about signing up on questionable portals.

Once you have found some sites that look good to you, just register your details and away you go!

How do I get free lottery tickets?

Most of the time you will need to register an account with an username and email address on a free lottery site. Depending on the website, rules and conditions may differ.

For example, by choosing six numbers from 1 to 75, gives you entry into the daily draw. Continue doing this for at least three days per week - it’s best to log in every day - to be eligible for the weekly draw.

What can I win by playing the free lottery?

A range of different prizes are available, from daily winnings that pay out just a few dollars, to occasional monthly draws that boast tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions!

Some sites pay out multiple cash prizes every day, plus provide further opportunities to win through raffles and other competitions.

Many sites have no direct payouts at all. They act as redirectors to third-party sites and positive promotional opportunities. The secret is to get busy and to scour the net for winning opportunities and free prizes through nothing more than your personal time and commitment.

Fun Fact: Fake Lottery Tickets are now a thing!

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Best Free Online Lottery Sites

Below is an non-extensive list of some of the the most popular and lucrative free lottery sites.

Site Site Language Max Prize Draw frequency
Who Can Play
Pick My Postcode English £1,000 Daily UK
EuroMillions Free Lottery English £10,000 Daily: £500
Weekly: £10,000
Everyone who is eligible for the standard EuroMIllions draw.
Free Lottery English £10,000 Daily: £500
Weekly: £10,000
Prizes are sent by registered post, but to anywhere in the world!
Win Loot English $16.5k month/life Daily sweepstakes ranging
from $25 to $4.19 million!
Rewardit English $10 million Multiple sweepstakes ranging
from $50 to $10 million.
South Africa,
New Zealand,
FreeLottoFest English Doesn’t have its own payouts, but directs people to the best free-lottery options. Not applicable From anywhere in the world, providing it is legal in your country.
Freebitcoin English $7,500 jackpot in weekly lottery. Hourly, Daily, Weekly Everyone above 18 years old
Win A Dinner English gift vouchers that can be claimed at major supermarkets, pizza houses and restaurants. Daily UK
Sky Lotto* English Sky Lotto is now CLOSED. Daily: £25,000
Weekly: £250,000
Restricted to the UK

* previously one of the best-rated free lotteries

Pick My Postcode

With over 3,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, this is a free gaming opportunity that really shouldn’t be missed if you live in the UK and have a registered UK postcode (zip code).

All you need to do is enter your UK postcode, provide a valid email address and check in once a day to see if you’ve won!

You’re not going to get rich overnight, but could win hundreds of pounds for simply living in the UK. You can win multiple times too!

Trustpilot Score: 4.8 out of 5
“My postcode actually won, which is the second time for me.”
“The winnings are not brilliant, but why not when it’s fun and free?”

EuroMillions Free Lottery

Due to its popularity and having one of the biggest prize funds in the world, a significant portion of money is allocated to free daily online draws.

The single-drum 6/75 concept draws take place daily and weekly, with it being necessary to have a registered account if you want to take part.

The odds of winning are rated at 1 in 201,359,550, which are very high, and after initial registration, you will need to take part in at least three daily draws each week to qualify for prizes.

There really is nothing to lose by signing up for this lottery though, other than your time!

Free Lottery

Very similar in format to the EuroMillions Free Lottery, the Free Lottery allows players to pick 6 out of 75 numbers from an available grid.

Next, enter your name and email address into the online form and wait for a confirmation message.

Then, simply log back in after the draws to see if you’ve won the respective daily £500 or weekly £10,000 prizes.

Note that prizes are sent by registered post to your address, which is why you need to enter real information when registering.

Win Loot

Win Loot uses a sweepstakes system across more than 30 different competitions.

The odds of winning are very high. With extreme odds of 1 in 9.36 million for a modest $5,000 payout. The top $16.5K month/life offer has even more incredible odds of 1 in 5.05 billion!

However, this is a free game that costs nothing to enter, so why not give it a go, plus there are regular sweepstakes for $25 or more.

Trustpilot Score: 3.3 out of 5
“It’s unlikely that you’ll win much, maybe $10 or so, so don’t give up your day job”.


With 20 different opportunities to win and sweepstakes available to residents of the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, this is an exciting range of lotteries to enter.

Prizes range from a modest $50, $100 and up to $50,000 for the daily guaranteed draws, to a mammoth $10 million top prize (not guaranteed or with any rollovers).

All you need is an email address and to be registered in one of the aforementioned countries.

There is no rating on Trustpilot. Yet we have found numerous complaints from people who have allegedly won and never received their prize. While there's no harm in trying it out, we advise caution.

Free Lotto Fest

This free lottery can be played from anywhere in the world, providing it is legal in your country of residence.

Seven prize platforms are available, ranging from a $1,000-dollar 6/40 formula, an $8,000-dollar 6/50 format, up to the $5 million dollar jackpot.

However, the basic site format does leave a little to be desired, especially as this is mostly a recommendation of the best places to visit for free entry, but it’s still a decent browse for free lottery opportunities.

Trustpilot Score is 3.7 obtained from only one review.

Play a straightforward game to win up to $200 in free bitcoins every hour!

Further bitcoins can be won by referring friends to and then ranking in the top 10, to win up to $10,900 in BTC every month. A HI-LO dice game provides even more winning opportunities, including up to 1 Bitcoin every time you play.

Trustpilot score is 3.4 with more than 600 reviews. If you are looking to hop on the Bitcoin phenomenon, this could be right up your street! If you don't know anything about crypto, you can start with this article - The Curious Beginner's Guide to Crypto.

Win A Dinner

Winadinner is another interesting concept from the UK, with the winner of the daily draw getting dinner vouchers every day at 4 p.m.

Winadinner doesn't pay out cash prizes, but offers discounts and gift vouchers that can be claimed at major supermarkets, pizza houses and restaurants.

Register your email address to enter the pool of potentially lucky winners. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Sky Lotto

Based in the UK, Sky Lotto is unfortunately no longer with us due to lack of a "distinct point of difference". This was a very popular free lottery site before 2021, although restricted to the UK and its affiliated countries.

Spanish and other foreign-speaking websites

At the moment, there are no recommended sites for Spanish, Portuguese or other international free lotteries, although please watch this space for imminent updates.

Are Free Lotteries Worth It

There is a growing trend for free lottery websites to offer real payouts with no obvious scams. The odds of winning are often very high compared to very modest payouts.

These sites generate revenue through advertising, sponsorship and other legit methods. A portion of this is passed on to registered participants in the form of daily and weekly winnings, therefore be careful before giving out personal details.

Players looking for more realistic winning opportunities, should probably stick to paid lotteries for a few dollars per bet. Check our Best Online Lottery Sites research.

However, free lotteries cost nothing except for your time and patience and they are also a lot of fun to take part in, so happy hunting!