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Wednesday 15 May 2024
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serie 168
$ 4,000,000,000 COP

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The Most Common Drawn Loteria del Valle Numbers - Hot Numbers
Drawn 74 times
24 Days ago
24 Apr 2024
Drawn 70 times
16 Days ago
02 May 2024
Drawn 67 times
3 Days ago
15 May 2024
Drawn 65 times
10 Days ago
08 May 2024
The Least Often Drawn Loteria del Valle Numbers - Cold Numbers
Drawn 54 times
10 Days ago
08 May 2024
Drawn 58 times
3 Days ago
15 May 2024
Drawn 59 times
10 Days ago
08 May 2024
Drawn 61 times
16 Days ago
02 May 2024
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Loteria del Valle

Based in Colombia’s Pacific region, Loteria del Valle is a popular raffle-based lottery game played across the entire country.

Draws take place once a week on Wednesdays at 22:30 local time and are broadcast live on regional television, with results published on the official Loteria del Valle website shortly afterwards.

Entry costs COP 4,000 per ticket, although players often choose a set of three tickets for COP 12,000.

Tickets can be purchased at authorised lottery distributors or online. Each ticket has a unique four-digit number, plus a “Series” number that is the same for the set of three tickets.

Players need to match the four-digit ticket and the series number to win prizes, determined by the order that numbers are generated.

Subscriber plans are available for Loteria del Valle draws for three, six, nine or 12 months in advance. Tickets are discounted when bought in a subscription, with a 15% discount for the 12-month plan.

Loteria del Valle does not have any secondary games or opportunities to win prizes beyond the main raffle draw.


Loteria del Valle has a fixed jackpot of COP 3.5 billion, and because the nature of Loteria del Valle guarantees a winner every draw, there are no jackpot rollovers or rolldowns.

Occasional special draws are held with an increased jackpot of COP 5 billion.

Odds and Prizes

Due to Loteria del Valle being a raffle-based lottery game, the winning odds are linked to the number of tickets purchased.

There are five prize tiers in total, with a total of 45 prizes for each draw. As with the jackpot, all secondary prizes are fixed amounts.

Prizes are awarded as follows:

  • One jackpot winner of COP 3.5 billion.
  • One second prize winner of COP 200 million.
  • One third prize winner of COP 100 million.
  • Two fourth prize winners of COP 50 million each.
  • 10 fifth prize winners of COP 20 million each.
  • 30 sixth prize winners of COP 10 million each.

Payout and Taxes

Players must claim Loteria del Valle prizes within 30 days.

A standard tax of 17% applies to all prizes, with players who don’t live in the Colombia Pacific region paying extra tax of up to 10%.

All Loteria del Valle prizes are paid out as lump sums only.

Who Can Play Loteria del Valle?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Loteria del Valle.

Tickets can be purchased from authorized lottery distributors across Colombia or online via the official Beneficencia del Valle website.

Loteria del Valle is currently not available to overseas players.

History of Loteria del Valle

Loteria del Valle is operated by Beneficencia del Valle.