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La Mini

La Mini is a provincial lottery game played in Quebec.

Draws take place on Fridays at 22:30 local time, with ticket sales closing shortly before the draw and resuming immediately afterwards.

Entry costs just CAD 0.50.

Printed with a random six-digit number, La Mini tickets are available as Quick Picks only, with the first digit always being between 1 and 9 and the remaining five digits ranging from 0 to 9. Players win the jackpot by matching all six digits in the order they are drawn.

Players can purchase up to 10 La Mini entries per ticket; however, there are no Advance Play options, secondary games or opportunities to win prizes on top of the main draw.


La Mini has a fixed jackpot of CAD 50,000, with no rollovers or roll downs.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the La Mini jackpot are 1 in 900,000, and while the jackpot is relatively modest, the affordable entry price makes the game great value.

Loto Quebec awards additional bonus prizes of CAD 1,000 to 50 lucky players in the first draw of every month.

Players can win prizes at eight different tiers, with 1 in 90 overall odds of winning a prize.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 6 1 in 900,000 0.0001
2 Last 5 1 in 112,500 0.0008
3 First 5 1 in 100,000 0.001
4 Last 4 1 in 11,111 0.009
5 First 4 1 in 10,000 0.01
6 Last 3 1 in 1,111 0.09
7 First 3 1 in 1,000 0.1
8 Last 2 1 in 111 0.9

Payout and Taxes

Players have up to one year to claim prizes.

All prizes are paid out as 100% tax-free lump sums.

Who Can Play La Mini?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play La Mini.

Players can enter La Mini via the Loto Quebec website, mobile app or from authorized lottery outlets across Quebec. Website and app entries are unavailable between midnight and 05:00.

La Mini is available in Quebec only.

History of La Mini

The first La Mini draw took place on June 5, 1970, making it one of Canada’s oldest lottery games. It is operated by Loto Quebec.