Atlantic Canada Lottery Results

Latest Atlantic Canada lottery results for ATLANTIC 49 ✔, BUCKO ✔, DAILY GRAND ✔, KENO ATLANTIC ✔, LOTTO 6/49 ✔, LOTTO MAX ✔, SALSA BINGO ✔, TAG ✔. All information about lotteries in Atlantic Canada.

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Atlantic Canada Lottery Games

Lotteries in the Atlantic Canada region are operated by the Atlantic Lottery, which is owned by the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Uniquely, the Atlantic Lottery returns 100% of its profits to communities throughout the Atlantic Canada provinces, as well as supporting businesses across the region.

Nine lottery games are available in the Atlantic Canada region, consisting of both national lottery games and those available locally.

Lotto Max

Lotto Max is Canada’s most lucrative national lottery, offering the highest minimum jackpot and great-value tickets that cost CAD 5.00 for the minimum three entries.

To enter Lotto Max, choose seven numbers between 1 and 50 or go for a Quick Pick to play with random selections. Lotto Max has an uncapped rollover jackpot, with players being automatically entered into a further MaxMillions draw for the chance to win additional prizes of CAD 1 million when the jackpot reaches CAD 50 million!

Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is a traditional 6 from 49 lottery and another one of Canada’s national lottery games.

Tickets cost CAD 3.00, which also covers the cost of entry into the GUARANTEED game: a CAD 1 million prize draw that takes place immediately after Lotto 6/49.

To play Lotto 6/49, choose six numbers from 1 to 49 or go for a Quick Pick for random selections, with the GUARANTEED entry being a random 10-digit number printed on tickets.

Players can enter the Extra draw for an additional CAD 1.00, with a jackpot of CAD 500,000 available for matching four numbers from 1 to 99.

Daily Grand

Daily Grand is Canada’s third national lottery game and the most lucrative in terms of odds and potential prizes.

Tickets cost CAD 3.00, with players choosing five numbers between 1 and 49 and a Grand Number between 1 and 7. Daily Grand also has a secondary game called Encore, through which players can win CAD 1 million by matching a random seven-digit number. Encore entry costs CAD 1.00, with secondary prizes being available for matching as few as two numbers out of seven.

Atlantic 49

Atlantic 49 is a traditional 6 from 49 lottery that is only available in Atlantic Canada provinces.

Players can enter with a Quick Pick or can choose their own six numbers from 1 to 49.

Entry costs CAD 1.00, with each ticket being automatically entered into the Guaranteed Prize Draw for a chance to win a fixed jackpot of CAD 25,649.

Salsa Bingo

Salsa Bingo is a unique lottery game that costs just CAD 2.00 to enter.

All entries are randomly generated, with prizes won by matching numbers in an X pattern on tickets or across lines.


Bucko is another unique lottery game, with players receiving three lines consisting of five randomly chosen numbers between 1 and 41. Tickets cost CAD 1.00.

The jackpot is won by matching all numbers across one line, plus secondary prizes for matching as little as three numbers on a line or more than four numbers across all lines. Players also win a prize if they don’t match any numbers during the Bucko draw at all!

Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto is a two-part game, with all entries being Quick Pick selections costing CAD 2.00 each.

The first part of Poker Lotto is an Instant-Win game, with players winning cash prizes if their poker hand includes a pair of 10s or better. Players can then use the same ticket to play the nightly All-In draw, with the jackpot being won by matching all five cards.

Keno Atlantic

Keno Atlantic is a popular game that allows players to choose their own stake, which influences the value of the prizes won.

The minimum ticket price is CAD 1.00, with players able to wager up to CAD 10 to win a potential jackpot of CAD 2.5 million!

Players first choose how many numbers they wish to match from two to 10, before choosing the relevant number of selections from 1 to 70.


TAG is a secondary game included in multiple existing national and Atlantic Canada lotteries.

To enter, players need to add a TAG entry when buying their ticket. A TAG costs CAD 1.00, with players able to add up to 10 TAG entries per ticket purchased.

When entering TAG, players receive a random six-digit number, with the jackpot being won by matching all six numbers in the correct order. Secondary prizes are also available.

US Powerball and Mega Millions

The US Powerball is a world-famous lottery game that is played - not only in the United States - but by many people in CANADA as well.

Read US Powerball Guide For Canadians before you buy a Powerball ticket.

The Mega Millions is at least as famous as Powerball, Read How to play Mega Millions from Canada.

Atlantic Canada Lottery Game Schedule

The table below provides an overview of the schedule for each Atlantic Canada lottery game.

Lotto Max 22:30 22:30
Lotto 6/49 22:30 22:30
Daily Grand 22:30 22:30
Atlantic 49 23:30 23:30
Salsa Bingo 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30
Bucko 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30
Poker Lotto 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30
Keno Atlantic 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30 22:30
TAG 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30 23:30

Atlantic Canada Lottery Odds and Jackpots

Salsa Bingo has the most attractive odds at 1 in 260,419, albeit for a relatively modest jackpot. The Daily Grand game has probably the best value odds at 1 in 13,348,188, for the chance to win CAD 1,000 per day or a CAD 7 million dollar lump sum.

Lottery Game Winning Odds Minimum Jackpot
Lotto Max 1 in 33,294,800 CAD 10 million
Lotto 6/49 1 in 13,983,816 CAD 5 million
Atlantic 49 1 in 13,983,816 CAD 1 million
Daily Grand 1 in 13,348,188 CAD 1,000 per day for life /
CAD 7 million
Poker Lotto 1 in 2,598,960 CAD 10,000 (Instant Win) /
CAD 100,000 (Nightly Draw)
Keno Atlantic 1 in 2,147,181 CAD 250,000
Bucko 1 in 749,398 CAD 20,000
TAG 1 in 600,000 CAD 100,000
Salsa Bingo 1 in 260,419 CAD 10,000

Atlantic Canada Lottery Advance Play Options

Most Atlantic Canada Lottery games have Advance Play options, with the number of draws that players can enter at once being highlighted below.

Lottery Game Advance Draws Players Can Enter
Lotto Max Up to 10
Lotto 6/49 Up to 10
Daily Grand Up to 10
Atlantic 49 Up to 10
Salsa Bingo Up to 10
Bucko Up to 10
TAG Up to 10
Poker Lotto Advance Play Not Available
Keno Atlantic Advance Play Not Available

Atlantic Canada Lottery Subscription

Atlantic Lottery provides players with a subscription option to ensure that they never miss a draw. To create a subscription for a specific game, simply choose the “Make it a subscription” option when buying tickets online via a valid Atlantic Lottery account. Players can choose to subscribe to as many games as they wish, with regular payments for tickets being deducted from player bank accounts via direct debit.

Atlantic Canada Lottery Scratch-Offs

Known as Scratch ‘N Win by the Atlantic Lottery, Scratch-Offs have multiple prizes, with jackpots typically being proportional to the ticket price. Atlantic Lottery scratch-offs range in price fromCAD 1.00 to CAD 30, with jackpots ranging from CAD 25 to CAD 3 million!

The odds of winning a prize range from 1 in 3.5 for the bigger jackpot scratch-offs, to 1 in 8 for lower-value prizes. Unfortunately, the Atlantic Lottery doesn’t publicise the odds for individual prizes on its scratch-offs.

The Atlantic Lottery immediately removes larger jackpot games as soon as all jackpots have been claimed; however, smaller jackpots are left on sale to give players the opportunity to win secondary prizes and to pay out as much of the prize pool as possible.

As with regular lottery games, some scratch-offs offer regular payouts rather than lump-sum wins.

Further information about scratch-offs is available on the official Atlantic Lottery website .

Atlantic Canada Lottery Tax Information

Lottery prizes are not subject to tax in Canada.

How to Claim Atlantic Canada Lottery Payouts

Prize winners have a range of available options to claim their winnings:

  • Prizes of up to CAD 250 can be claimed at any authorized lottery retailer.
  • Prizes of more than CAD 250 and up to CAD 9,999.99 can be claimed at any Scotiabank branch, or by completing an online claim form, which is available here .
  • Prizes exceeding CAD 10,000 must be claimed by directly contacting the lottery operator to make payment arrangements.

Players using the online claim form for prizes up to CAD 9,999.99, or winners of prizes exceeding CAD 10,000, must provide scans of current and valid identification documents in order to receive payment.

How to Contact the Atlantic Canada Lottery

Operator Games Official Website Main Address Local Tel. No.
Atlantic Canada Lottery Lotto Max
Lotto 6/49
Daily Grand
Atlantic 49
Salsa Bingo
Poker Lotto
Keno Atlantic
TAG PO Box 5500,
922 Main,
New Brunswick,
E1C 8W6

Which Atlantic Canada Lottery scratch-off has the biggest jackpot?

While the jackpots of the most lucrative Atlantic Canada Lottery scratch-offs change on a periodic basis, the biggest jackpots are typically CAD 3 million.

Can I buy Atlantic Canada Lottery tickets online?

Yes, tickets are available from the Atlantic Lottery website and app and from, but only for Canadian residents.

How much tax is paid on Atlantic Canada Lottery winnings?

None. Neither the provincial government or federal government tax lottery winnings in Canada.

How do Atlantic Canada Lottery winners get paid?

Payouts depend on the specific rules and structures of each game. Some Atlantic Canada lotteries offer the choice of receiving regular payments or lump sums, while others pay out lump sums only.

How long does it take to receive Atlantic Canada Lottery winnings?

Prize wins of up to CAD 250 can be paid out immediately at any authorized lottery retailer.

Prize wins of over CAD 250 and up to CAD 9,999 can be paid out immediately at any Scotiabank branch, or in person at the Atlantic Lottery head office. Alternatively, players can complete an online claim form, although such claims can take up to 14 days to process winnings of up to CAD 1,000, and from six to eight weeks for prizes over this amount.

Online players are paid directly into their Atlantic Lottery account for all wins under CAD 9,999.

All prizes over CAD 10,000 take six to eight weeks to be processed.

How is the CAD 1,000 a day Daily Grand jackpot paid out?

Daily Grand jackpot winners can choose to receive their prize in regular instalments, as agreed with the Atlantic Lottery, or to take a CAD 7 million lump sum.

If there is more than one jackpot winner, the CAD 7 million lump sum is split between all winners.