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Keno Atlantic

Keno Atlantic is played in Canada’s Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Keno Atlantic is a daily draw game that takes place each evening at 22:30 local time.

Players can choose to wager CAD 1.00, CAD 2.00, CAD 5.00 or CAD 10.00 per play, with wagers of more than CAD 1.00 being multiplied by the respective amount, e.g., with a winning CAD 2.00 entry receiving double the amount.

First choose how many Spots (numbers) from 2 to 10 to match, with the number chosen having no bearing on the cost of entry, although the odds of winning and subsequent payout differ wildly.

Players then choose Spots from a range of numbers between 1 and 70, or go for an Insta Pik for randomly generated numbers.

Also, players can enter the TAG game for a chance to win a CAD 100,000 jackpot, receiving a randomly generated six-digit number that needs to be matched, with secondary prizes also being available.

Advance Play lets players enter up to 10 draws at a time, or take out a subscription to never miss a draw.


Keno Atlantic has a maximum potential jackpot of CAD 2.5 million.

Prize payouts are based on how much is wagered, with players who place a CAD 1.00 wager and matching 10 Spots winning CAD 250,000, while players who wager CAD 10.00 and also match 10 Spots, winning the maximum possible CAD 2.5 million.

This system is used for all prize tiers, with higher payouts the more you wager.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the Keno Atlantic jackpot are 1 in 2,147,181.

The possibility of winning the biggest prize and the subsequent number of available prize tiers depends on how many numbers are chosen and matched. As demonstrated in the tables below, the winning odds are higher the more numbers are matched, but with better prizes!

Choosing 10 Numbers

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 10 1 in 2,147,181 0.00004
2 9 1 in 47,238 0.002
3 8 1 in 2,571 0.04
4 7 1 in 261 0.4
5 6 1 in 44 2.27
6 None 1 in 39 2.56

Choosing 2 Numbers

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 2 1 in 13 7.7

Payout and Taxes

Keno Atlantic prizes are not subject to tax at provincial or federal level, with prize winners having up to one year to make their claim.

Who Can Play Keno Atlantic?

Players must be at least 19 years of age to play Keno Atlantic.

Tickets are available online from the official Atlantic Lottery website and mobile app or from authorized lottery retailers in participating provinces.

Keno Atlantic is currently not available to players outside participating provinces or from overseas.

History of Keno Atlantic

Launched in October 2001, Keno Atlantic is operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.