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Lotteries have been played in Italy since the early 16th century, but it wasn’t until 1734 that organized regular games actually took place. Since then, the number and frequency of games has grown to the point that Italians now have the opportunity to play a lottery game every five minutes if they wish!

Lotteries in Italy are administered by two operators, Lottomatica and the Sisal Group.


Lotto is Italy’s main national lottery game, with a unique format that gives players various opportunities to win. During Lotto, 11 sets of numbers are drawn: one from a national lottery wheel and another 10 numbers from wheels named after different Italian cities.

Players can choose random numbers from random wheels, or go for specific numbers from specific wheels. Playing Lotto with an “Ambetto” wins prizes if the exact number is drawn, but also pays out prizes for numbers immediately before or after the chosen number; i.e., if 9 is selected, players win if 8, 9 or 10 are drawn.

Click the above link for more information about Lotto and the national wheel, or click below for data and previous results from the ten city wheels:


MillionDAY is a popular daily draw game that gives players a chance to win a fixed €1 million jackpot plus a range of secondary prizes, all for a ticket price of just €1.00. MillionDAY is a unique game, with players able to enter a maximum of 200 numbers with the same combination if they wish!

10e Lotto

10e Lotto is perhaps the most unique lottery game in the world, giving players a chance to win draws that take place every five minutes, 24 hours a day!

10e Lotto also allows players to:

  • Choose their own stake, in €0.50 increments from €1.00 to €200.
  • Choose the number of selections they wish to make between 1 and 10, from a pool of 90 numbers.

Twenty numbers are drawn each game, with available prizes being dependent on the number of selections and the initial stake. A winning jackpot of just €3.00 is at stake, but also as much as €5 million can be won!


SuperEnalotto is, by some distance, the most difficult lottery in the world to win, with eye-watering odds of winning the jackpot of 1 in 622,614,630! However, with tickets costing just €1.00, it is also one of the country’s most popular games and is often responsible for enormous jackpots due to the frequency of rollovers.

For players who want to participate in SuperEnalotto from outside of Italy, note that ticket sales close a number of hours before each draw, in comparison to local sales that close 30 minutes beforehand.


Italy was a founding member of EuroJackpot, with players having participated from the first draw onwards in March 2012. In addition to Italy, EuroJackpot is available in a further 17 countries, having remained popular thanks to its generous starting jackpot, long odds and frequent rollovers, although none of the biggest jackpots have been won in Italy itself to date.

Although EuroJackpot doesn’t have any secondary games, players can win prizes at 12 different tiers!

Italy Lottery Game Schedule

The below table provides an overview of the schedule for each Italian lottery game.

Lottery Game MON> TUE> WED> THU> FRI> SAT> SUN>
Lotto   20:00   20:00   20:00  
MillionDAY 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00
10e Lotto Daily draws held every 5 minutes, 24/7
SuperEnalotto       20:00   20:00  
EuroJackpot         20:00    

Italy Lottery Odds and Jackpots

Lottery Game Winning Odds Minimum Jackpot
Lotto 1 in 43,949,268 €3 million
MillionDAY 1 in 3,478,761 €1 million (fixed)
10e Lotto 1 in 90 €3.00
SuperEnalotto 1 in 622,614,630 €2 million
EuroJackpot 1 in 95,344,200 €10 million

What are the Biggest Italian Lottery Wins?

To date, all of the biggest lottery wins in Italy have come from the SuperEnalotto draw:

  • €209,160,441 on August 13, 2019.
  • €177,800,000 on October 30, 2010.
  • €163,500,000 on October 27, 2016.

Is Tax Paid on Italian Lottery Winnings?

Italy has one of the most confusing lottery tax structures in the world, with different rates applying to different games.

For EuroJackpot and Lottomatica games, an 8% tax applies to all prizes. Players should be aware that websites providing Lottomatica games advertise prizes before and after taxation, so it is advised to check before playing.

For SuperEnalotto, a 20% tax applies on all winnings over €500.

Despite the varying rates, all taxes are deducted at source, with players needing to do little else in this respect; however, overseas players should check local tax laws to find out if they need to declare winnings at home.

Mobile Apps for Italy Lotteries

Lottery Operator Lottery Game Mobile Website Mobile App Buy Ticket iTunes Google Play

10e Lotto
Yes Yes Yes Link Link
Sisal Group SuperEnalotto
Yes Yes Yes Link Link

How to Contact Italy Lottery Operators

Contact information for each Italian lottery operator is listed below.

Operator Games Official Website Main Address Local Tel. No.

10e Lotto
Viale del Campo Boario 56,
06 518 991
Sisal Group SuperEnalotto
Viale Sacco and Vanzetti 89, 00155,
800 778 866

Italy Lottery FAQs

How Can I Purchase Lottery Tickets in Italy?

Tickets for all games are available from authorized lottery outlets across Italy, as well as being available online and via the mobile app.

Can Overseas Players Play Italian Lottery Games?

Yes. SuperEnalotto, MillionDAY and EuroJackpot are widely available via lottery agent websites; however, Lotto and 10e Lotto are not available to overseas players.

How Old Must I Be to Play Italian Lotteries?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Italian lottery games.

How Do I Claim Italian Lottery Prizes?

Players have 60 days to claim prizes from EuroJackpot, as well as from Lottomatica games: Lotto, MillonDAY and 10e Lotto, but up to 90 days to claim SuperEnalotto prizes.

How are the Proceeds of Italian Lotteries Spent?

Most of the proceeds from Italian lottery operators go to the Italian State Treasury in the form of taxation; however, significant sums also go to the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities.

Both lottery operators directly fund a variety of causes across Italy, such as the sports sector and multiple cultural and social venues and activities.