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Lotto HotPicks

Lotto HotPicks is a popular UK lottery game that gives players another chance to bet on the outcome of the main Lotto draw.

The main UK Lotto draw is held twice a week on Wednesdays at 20:00 and Saturdaysat 21:00 local time, with ticket sales ending half-an-hour beforehand and resuming shortly afterward. All draws are broadcast live on the official National Lottery website, with results published on national TV and radio later on.

Entry costs £1.00.

This game is different to the main Lotto game, with players selecting how many numbers they want to pick from their original Lotto choice. Prizes are only won if all predictions are correct.

To enter, participants must first decide how many numbers to match between one and five, with entry costing a fixed £1.00 for any amount of numbers due to the scaling range of different prize tiers.

Selectable numbers range from 1 to 59, or go for a Lucky Dip for randomly generated numbers instead.


Lotto HotPicks has a fixed jackpot of £350,000.

There are no jackpot rollovers or roll downs, because the amount is guaranteed. 

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the Lotto HotPicks jackpot are 1 in 834,398, with prizes available at five different tiers.

Remember that there are no secondary prizes and that all selected numbers must match.

Prize category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 5 1 in 834,398 0.0001
2 4 1 in 30,342 0.003
3 3 1 in 1,626 0.06
4 2 1 in 115 0.87
5 1 1 in 10 10

Payout and Taxes

Lottery winnings in the UK are tax free, which are paid out as lump sums only.

Players have up to 180 days to make a claim, with unclaimed prizes being distributed to good causes supported by Camelot, the licensed UK operator.

Overseas players should check local tax laws to find out if they need to pay tax at home.

Who Can Play Lotto HotPicks?

Players must be at least 16 years of age to play Lotto HotPicks.

Tickets can be purchased from authorized lottery retailers across the UK or via the official National Lottery website. Results and ticket numbers can be saved on the official app, which unfortunately does not sell tickets.

It is also possible to play Lotto HotPicks from abroad via Lottery Agent websites.

History of Lotto HotPicks

Lotto HotPicks was launched in 2002 as an alternative method of betting on the main draw, with the prize structure updated in 2015 to reflect Lotto changes, when the number pool was expanded from 49 to 59.