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Hot and Cold Numbers

The Most Common Drawn Numbers
Drawn 468 times
3 Days ago
08 Aug 2022
Drawn 464 times
14 Days ago
28 Jul 2022
Drawn 457 times
5 Days ago
06 Aug 2022
Drawn 454 times
4 Days ago
07 Aug 2022
Drawn 452 times
3 Days ago
08 Aug 2022
Drawn 450 times
3 Days ago
08 Aug 2022
Drawn 90 times
19 Days ago
23 Jul 2022
The Least Often Drawn Numbers
Drawn 378 times
3 Days ago
08 Aug 2022
Drawn 378 times
5 Days ago
06 Aug 2022
Drawn 397 times
6 Days ago
05 Aug 2022
Drawn 397 times
6 Days ago
05 Aug 2022
Drawn 401 times
4 Days ago
07 Aug 2022
Drawn 402 times
4 Days ago
07 Aug 2022
Drawn 50 times
11 Days ago
31 Jul 2022
The statistics are generated from 2017 to the latest draw


49's is a popular UK lottery game in which players bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than the lottery itself.

Draws take place twice-daily at 12:49 and 17:49 local time and are broadcast live by Satellite Information Services in participating betting shops. Results are published on the official 49's website and on participating bookmaker websites shortly after the completion of each draw. Players can enter up to 15 minutes before each draw.

Because players are betting on the outcome of the game rather than the game itself, any amount can be staked; however, some bookmakers apply stake and payout limits when playing 49’s, which players should be aware of before trying to place bets.

Bookmakers offer multiple ways to play 49's, with the most common options being as follows:

  • Choose up to six numbers from 1 to 49. Players must match all their chosen numbers to win, with manual-choice or lucky-dip options being available.
  • Bet on whether the bonus ball will be odd or even.
  • Bet on whether the first drawn number will be odd or even.
  • Bet on whether the sum of all drawn numbers will fall within a specific range or over/under a specific total.
  • Bet on the colour of the first and last balls drawn.
  • Bet on the bonus ball only.

Players who are interested in playing 49’s should check multiple bookmakers to explore the availability of different types of bets and ways to play.


The 49's jackpot depends on the odds offered by the bookmaker, the player stake and the chosen method of play. Players are encouraged to shop around to see which bookmakers offer the most attractive bets and odds for each draw. Players should take note that these odds are not linked to the odds of winning a prize, but merely an indication of what the payout could be in the event of a win.

49's does not have any rollovers or roll downs, with prizes remaining fixed and only being changed at the discretion of each bookmaker.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the 49's jackpot are 1 in 1,906,884, based on a bet to match five numbers.

Players can win cash prizes at a minimum of five different tiers, with additional prizes and games being available from specific bookmakers.

Prize category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 5 1 in 1,906,884 0.00005
2 4 1 in 211,876 0.0005
3 3 1 in 18,424 0.005
4 2 1 in 1,176 0.085
5 1 1 in 49 2.04

Payout and Taxes

The UK does not levy tax on lottery prizes, with all 49's prizes being paid out as lump sums only.

Online players will have winnings paid directly into their bookmaker-based account following the positive confirmation of a draw result. Those who play 49's in participating UK betting shops should check whether there will be any time limits on claiming prizes from specific bookmakers.

Overseas players should check local tax laws to find out if they need to declare winnings at home.

Who Can Play 49's?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play 49's.

Players can play online via participating bookmaker websites or at participating betting shops across the UK.

Overseas players can play via participating bookmaker websites, subject to acceptance of overseas account holders and applicable gambling laws in their respective home countries.

History of 49's

49's was launched in the late 1990s as an alternative way to enjoy lottery games, but without participating in the main National Lottery game itself.

49's is owned and operated by a consortium of UK bookmakers through Satellite Information Services, the company that transmits television pictures into most UK betting shops.