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Latest Guyana lottery results for DAILY MILLIONS ✔, LOTTO SUPA 6 ✔, LUCKY 3 ✔, PAY DAY ✔, SUPER PAY DAY ✔, PICK 2 ✔. All the information you need about lotteries in Guyana.

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Guyana Lottery Games

Lottery games are a popular element of life in Guyana, with opportunities to win significant prizes most of the week.

All of Guyana’s six lotteries are organised and operated by The Guyana Lottery Company, which also offers scratchcard games and manages other types of gambling activities in the country. With over 60 lottery agents across Guyana, many additional points of sale, an official website and a mobile app, there are several ways for players to participate in their favorite games.

Lotto Supa 6

Lotto Supa 6 is Guyana’s main national lottery game, with tickets costing GY$ 200 plus the potential to win an uncapped rollover jackpot.

Lotto Supa 6 offers phenomenal odds, with the chances of winning the jackpot standing at 1 in 376,740. To enter, choose six numbers from 1 to 28 or go for a Quick Pick for random selections. Secondary prizes are available for players who match as few as three numbers, while a free entry into the draw is awarded to anyone who matches the “Free Ticket Letter” printed on each ticket.

Lucky 3

Lucky 3 is a traditional Pick 3 style game that has multiple ways to win, as well as the option to choose how much players wish to stake.

Players must choose three numbers between 0 and 9, who can pick the same number two or three times if they wish. The main jackpot is won by matching all three numbers in the order drawn. Players can also bet on matching the numbers in any order, or match the first two numbers, last two numbers or the first and third numbers drawn. The minimum stake is GY$ 100.

Daily Millions

Daily Millions is a straightforward traditional-style lottery game with even better odds than Lotto Supa 6, with a 1 in 65,780 shot of winning.

The jackpot is a cool GY$ 1 million, with secondary prizes also being available.

To enter Daily Millions, choose five numbers from 1 to 26 or go for a Quick Pick for random selections. Entry costs GY$ 100.

Draw de Line

Draw de Line is a popular lottery based on the famous Tic Tac Toe game.

All entries into Draw de Line are by Quick Pick only, with each ticket being printed with nine random numbers arranged like a Tic Tac Toe board. This gives players eight lines of numbers - three horizontal, three vertical and two diagonal. Players win prizes if they match just one line, with the main jackpot of GY$ 500,000 being paid out to players who match five lines.

Entry costs GY$ 200.

Pay Day

Pay Day has even better odds than Daily Millions but with a more expensive GY$ 200 entry fee, and with the jackpot only being a quarter of the value at GY$ 250,000.

To enter, choose five numbers from a selection of just 17, with additional prizes being available for matching three or four numbers.

Super Pay Day

Super Pay Day replaces the usual Pay Day draw every Friday with a slightly different version of the game.

While entry remains at GY$ 200, the jackpot doubles to GY$ 500,000, although players must choose from a pool of 21 balls rather than 17 balls, which more than triples the odds of matching all five numbers! Secondary prizes (more than double those of the regular Pay Day game) are also available.

Guyana Lottery Game Schedule

The table below provides an overview of the schedule for each Guyanese lottery game.

Lotto Supa 6     19:05     19:05  
Lucky 3 13:35
Daily Millions 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05  
Draw de Line 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05 19:05  
Pay Day 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35   13:35  
Super Pay Day         13:35    

Guyana Lottery Odds and Jackpots

Lottery Game Winning Odds Minimum Jackpot
Lotto Supa 6 1 in 376,740 Depends on ticket sales
Lucky 3 1 in 1,000 Depends on the bet placed
Daily Millions 1 in 65,780 GY$ 1,000,000
Draw de Line 1 in 58,786 GY$ 400
Pay Day 1 in 6,188 GY$ 250,000
Super Pay Day 1 in 20,349 GY$ 500,000

What are the Biggest Guyanese Lottery Wins?

The biggest Guyanese lottery win to date is GY$ 78 million from the Lotto Supa 6 game in February 2013. The prize nearly went unclaimed, with the winner coming forward just days before the deadline, explaining that they knew of the win but had been “too busy” to claim the prize!

Is Tax Paid on Guyanese Lottery Winnings?

No, tax is calculated on ticket sales, not against winnings.

Mobile Apps for Guyana Lotteries

Lottery Operator Lottery Game Mobile Website Mobile App Buy Ticket iTunes Google Play
The Guyana Lottery Company Limited Lotto Supa 6
Lucky 3
Daily Millions
Draw de Line
Pay Day
Super Pay Day
Yes Yes Yes Link Link

How to Contact Guyana Lottery Operators

Contact details for each Guyanese lottery operator are listed below


Operator Games Official Website Main Address Local Tel. No.
The Guyana Lottery Company Limited Lotto Supa 6
Lucky 3
Daily Millions
Draw de Line
Pay Day
Super Pay Day 357 Lamaha Street,
North Cummingsburg,
+592 226-0753

How Can I Purchase Lottery Tickets in Guyana?

Tickets can be purchased via:

  • Lottery agents and authorized points of sale across Guyana.
  • The lottery operator’s official website.
  • The Let’s Bet app.

Can Overseas Players Play Guyanese Lottery Games?

Guyanese lotteries are not currently available via lottery agent websites; however, overseas players are able to sign-up and play via the official website of the Guyana Lottery Company, or using the Let’s Bet app.

How Old Must I Be to Play Guyanese Lotteries?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Guyanese lottery games.

How Do I Claim Guyanese Lottery Prizes?

Players have up to 90 days to claim prizes.

Claiming prizes depends on the amount won:

  • Prizes of up to GY$ 25,000 can be claimed from any lottery agent or point of sale in Guyana.
  • Prizes from GY$ 25,001 to GY$ 100,000 can either be claimed from a regional lottery office or from the operator’s head office.
  • Prizes exceeding GY$ 100,001 can only be claimed at the operator’s head office.

How are the Proceeds of Guyanese Lotteries Spent?

The Guyana Lottery Company distributes profits across Guyana by way of donations to good causes and by sponsoring businesses and events.