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3 Monazos

3 Monazos is a popular lottery game in Costa Rica.

Draws take place twice daily at 12:55 and 19:00 local time, withticket sales closing 15 minutes before the draw and resuming immediately afterwards.

3 Monazos has a minimum ticket cost of CRC 100, with players staking multiples of CRC 100 for a maximum bet of up to CRC 50,000. The stake determines the size of the jackpot, with players winning 650 times this stake by matching their chosen numbers in order!

To play 3 Monazos, choose three numbers between 0 and 9, and becauseeach number is chosen independently, players can choose the same number multiple times if they wish. Gallo Tapado (Quick Pick) is also available for players who prefer random selections.

As well as choosing their own numbers, players can select the following specific bets:

  • Order: match all three numbers in the exact order drawn.
  • Disorder: match all three numbers in any order, with no matching numbers allowed.
  • Combo Order - Disorder: match all three numbers, either in order or at random.
  • Combo Order - Last Two: match all three numbers in order, or the last two numbers in order.

Players can place multiple bets with the same selections if they wish, for a maximum total stake of CRC 2 million.


The 3 Monazos minimum jackpot is CRC 65,000, which can be won by choosing an Order bet with a CRC 100 stake, resulting in a potential maximum jackpot of CRC 32.5 million!

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the 3 Monazos jackpot are 1 in 1,000, which are fantastic odds for such a potentially lucrative jackpot, plus the opportunity for players to choose their own stake!

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 3, in order 1 in 1,000 0.1
2 3, in any order 1 in 1,000 0.1
3 3, either in order or

in any order

1 in 500 0.2
4 3 in order, or the last 2 1 in 100 1

Payout and Taxes

Prize winners have up to 60 days to claim 3 Monazos winnings. Prizes up to and including CRC 10,000 can be collected directly from a lottery retailer, while higher value prizes must be claimed from the operator itself.

A 10% lottery tax is applied and subsequently deducted by the operator at source, with players pocketing the advertised amount in full and not needing to declare their winnings either!

Who Can Play 3 Monazos?

Players must be at least 21 years of age to buy 3 Monazos tickets, which are sold at authorized lottery vendors across Costa Rica. 

The operator’s official website and mobile app display winning numbers, game history and other relevant information; however, tickets are not available for purchase on these platforms.

3 Monazos is presently unavailable to overseas players.

History of 3 Monazos

Launched in 2019, 3 Monazos is Costa Rica’s newest lottery game. As with all lotteries, 3 Monazos is run by Junta de Proteccion Social, with proceeds going to good causes around the country.