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Tuesday 20 Feb 2024
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Winning Numbers

The Most Common Drawn Jackpot Triple Play Numbers - Hot Numbers
Drawn 82 times
22 Days ago
02 Feb 2024
Drawn 78 times
148 Days ago
29 Sep 2023
Drawn 78 times
64 Days ago
22 Dec 2023
Drawn 78 times
43 Days ago
12 Jan 2024
Drawn 78 times
25 Days ago
30 Jan 2024
Drawn 75 times
8 Days ago
16 Feb 2024
The Least Often Drawn Jackpot Triple Play Numbers - Cold Numbers
Drawn 52 times
22 Days ago
02 Feb 2024
Drawn 53 times
46 Days ago
09 Jan 2024
Drawn 54 times
11 Days ago
13 Feb 2024
Drawn 54 times
74 Days ago
12 Dec 2023
Drawn 56 times
8 Days ago
16 Feb 2024
Drawn 56 times
15 Days ago
09 Feb 2024
The statistics are generated from 2019 to the latest draw

Jackpot Triple Play

Jackpot Triple Play is one of several state lotteries operated by Florida Lottery.

Draws take place twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23:15 Eastern Time. Tickets can be purchased up to 22:40 on the night of the draw, with tickets purchased after this time being entered into the next draw.

Players get three sets of numbers for $1.00, making this an excellent value game.

To play,choose six numbers between 1 and 46, or choose Quick Pick for a set of randomly generated numbers. Note that the second and third entries are always Quick Pick numbers.

For an additional $1.00 per line, tickets can be entered as a Combo. This is quite a unique feature, with players winning up to $10,000 by matching numbers across all Combo lines.


Jackpot Triple Play offers a minimum jackpot of $500,000.

There is no rollover cap, but there is a jackpot cap of $2 million. If the jackpot reaches $2 million but is still not won, the excess prize money rolls down to the secondary prize tiers, which means players can win big even without matching all six numbers!

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning Jackpot Triple Play are 1 in 3,122,273, which are excellent odds for a lottery game.

Players can win at four prize tiers in total, plus another seven tiers if they choose a combo ticket.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 6 1 in 3,122,273 0.00003
2 5 1 in 13,010 0.008
3 4 1 in 267 0.37
4 3 1 in 16 6.25

Payout and Taxes

For players resident in Florida, Florida Lottery will withhold 24% of Jackpot Triple Play winnings over the value of $5,000. Players who participate from other locations are not subject to this tax, but should still check local tax laws regarding lottery winnings.

Jackpot winners can receive their prize as a one-time payment or as 25 annual payments. Players wishing to receive their prize as a one-time payment must make their claim within 60 days, although players have up to 180 days to claim other prizes.

Who Can Play Jackpot Triple Play

Jackpot Triple Play tickets can be purchased from authorized lottery retailers across Florida. The minimum age to buy a lottery ticket in Florida is 18.

Players not resident in Florida can participate in Jackpot Triple Play by entering online via selected Lottery Agent websites.

History of Jackpot Triple Play

Jackpot Triple Play is the newest game offered by the Florida Lottery. It was launched in January 2019, replacing the previous Lucky Money game.