California - Daily Derby

Past Results

Tuesday 26 Sep 2023
  • 1st:1 Gold Rush
  • 2nd:7 Eureka
  • 3rd:2 Lucky Star
  • 1:41.93

Daily Derby

Daily Derby is one of the popular lottery games in United States.

The Daily Derby draw takes place on at 22:00 America/New_York Time.

When is the next drawing for Daily Derby ?

The next Daily Derby drawing is on Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023 , with jackpot $224,000

What is the Daily Derby jackpot today?

The current jackpot amount for Daily Derby is $224,000 and will be drawn on 27 Sep 2023 .

Last jackpot, drawn on 26 Sep 2023 was $215,000 .

How to play and win the Daily Derby ?

  • Pick null numbers from null to null
  • Buy a ticket
  • Depending on the bet made, you will have to match some numbers, some positions or a combination in a certain order