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Loto Mas

Loto Mas is one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular lottery games, which combines with Loto for the chance to win huge sums of cash!

Loto Mas draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:55 local time and are broadcast live on national television and radio stations.

Loto Mas entry costs RD$ 20.00; however, players must also enter Loto at a cost of RD$ 30.00 in order to play, for a total ticket cost of RD$ 50.00.

Players must first choose six numbers between 1 and 38 or go for an Automatic Play for randomly chosen numbers. Players must then choose one additional number from 1 to 10, which also can be selected randomly through Automatic Play.

For an additional RD$ 50.00, at a total ticket cost of RD$ 100, players can add Super Mas to their ticket. Players choose an additional number between 1 and 15, with an additional bonus jackpot of RD$ 200 million available for those who match all six main numbers, the Loto Mas number and the Super Mas number.


The format of Loto Mas means there is a guaranteed jackpot of at least RD$ 65 million, consisting of the RD$ 15 million for the main Loto prize and an RD$ 50 million bonus for matching the Loto Mas number.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning Loto Mas are 1 in 27,606,810.

Players can win prizes at a further four prize tiers as part of the main Loto game.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 6, plus Bonus Ball 1 in 27,606,810 0.000004
2 6 1 in 2,760,681 0.00004
3 5 1 in 14,379 0.007
4 4 1 in 371 0.27
5 3 1 in 28 3.57

Payout and Taxes

Players can claim prizes from any authorized lottery retailer, but with the exception of jackpots that must be directly claimed from the lottery operator itself. Prizes are paid directly into respective lottery accounts for subsequent withdrawal at a later date.

Tax is levied on lottery winnings in the Dominican Republic, as shown in the table below. Note that all taxes are deducted before prizes are paid out, so there is no need to declare winnings after receipt.

Prize Amount Tax Rate
Up to RD$ 100,000 No tax payable
RD$ 100,001 to RD$ 500,000 10%
RD$ 500,001 to RD$ 1,000,000 15%
Over RD$ 1,000,001 25%

Who Can Play Loto Mas?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Loto Mas

Tickets are available from over 1,600 authorized lottery retailers across the Dominican Republic, with players also able to enter via the operator’s website or official app.

While Loto Mas isn’t available on lottery agent websites, overseas players can sign up via the official website to play this and other available lotteries.

History of Loto Mas

Loto Mas has been operated by Leidsa, the main lottery operator in the Dominican Republic, since 1997.